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 Getting to a hospital or doctors appointment can be a problem at the best of times but the Covid19 pandemic has made it even harder. Formed over thirty years ago Eastleigh Good Neighbours helps people get to their appointments in a professional and friendly way.

Our aim is to provide transport to get the elderly or infirm to doctors or hospital appointments and to help them to maintain some independance. Our drives use their own cars and pick up our clients and take them to their appointment, wait for them and then return them home.

We will consider reasonable requests from central Eastleigh people to help with tasks that have become too difficult to manage.

If you are already a client, to book a ride ring 02380 642420 and leave a message on our answerphone leaving your name, address, phone number and details of the appointment including the date. Messages are picked up by the coordinator around about 5pm and they will ring you when they have matched you with a driver.  Calls made during the weekend are not listened to till monday.